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Integrated Sound Solutions

Engineered for simple integration into construction-led projects,
our invisible loudspeakers use two core-technologies to ensure design flexibility into a range of finishing materials,
all while delivering incredible audio experiences.

Invisible Loudspeakers

Two Core Technologies

Fully Covered / Feather Edge

Fully Covered

Amina Invisible Loudspeakers can be thought of as half loudspeaker, half construction material. Replacing a small section of drywall, the loudspeaker becomes part of the property itself. Being fully covered with a wet skim coat or patch covering of plaster/mud, Mobius speakers can be painted/wallpapered over to seamlessly blend in with the space.

Engineered to work behind a range of covering materials such as drywall compound, plaster skim or stucco finishes (2mm), wood, millwork, leather, natural or man-made laminates and veneers, Mobius Loudspeakers offer the most flexible invisible architectural audio solution available.


Mobius Series >

High-fidelity loudspeakers with flexible installation options



Invisible Feather Edge

The leading edge of invisible loudspeaker technology, feather-edge (plaster up-to) loudspeakers are designed for installation into drywall without the requirement for a full wet plaster skim.

With incredible acoustic performance, this technology allows for powerful bass and maximum SPL, all in the lightweight and easy to install form factor that Amina products are known for.


Edge Series >

Incredible acoustic performance for powerful invisible solutions

Hidden Subwoofers

Integrated Powerful Bass

Integrated subwoofers and bass enhancers which can be built into walls, ceilings or cabinetry to provide extra warmth for or powerful punch for movies, all with minimal visual impact.

Subwoofers >

Support Products

For a simple and successful installation

Mounting options for walls and ceilings, alignment shims, high impedance transformers and loudspeaker protection units. All options allow for a successful and flexible installation.

Support Products >